Financial Management (2010-2017) BSc Economics, Management

Corporate Finance (2018-2020) BSc Accounting, Banking, Finance, Investment

Corporate Finance and Valuation (2020-present) BSc Banking, Finance, Investment

Finance and Investment (2010-2021) MSc Banking and International Finance

Principles of Finance and Valuation (2022-present) MSc Banking and International Finance

Corporate Finance and Valuation (2010-present) MSc International Accounting and Finance

Mergers and Acquisitions (2015-2019) Summer School

Corporate Finance (2020-present) Executive MBA 

Applied Corporate Finance (2022-present) Executive MBA 

Teaching evaluations

Professor Tran was an excellent beacon of teaching, providing engaging and insightful presentations. He excelled in both providing a simple digestible overview of any topic, as well as a broken down intricate response to any aspect. Professor Tran's teaching methods excellently catered to both the qualitative and quantitative minded students, providing extensive empirical data in combination with practical real-life case studies illustrating the topics covered. Professor Tran also evidently put in effort in each and every lecture to our class, going above and beyond by organising guest lectures and organising interactive quizzes. Professor Tran also endeavoured to provide elaborate and prompt responses to any student query, even if it exceeded the scope of the class. It was a pleasure spending class time with Professor Tran, and as a student, I felt motivated to perform well in class by reciprocating the energy and passion. 

Dr Anh Tran is a very helpful and friendly lecturer who I found really easy to talk to. In terms of the quality of the module, I very like the case study project as I learned to put my financial knowledge and analytical skills into practice. It might be time-consuming, though, alongside with busy job application, nevertheless it was a great learning experience as I also learned how to co-operate with people and lead a discussion.

Tran has made an excellent job in simplifying this model, make it easy to follow and prepare us for the exam. He has gone through the material effectively, and made sure we keep up the work of the model by giving us practice task every week.

Professor Tran is very approachable, and excited about the material. He provided good explanation for the coursework and final examination. Very willing to work with students who do not understand the concepts of the course.

One of the most impressive thing in this class is Mr. Anh always available for us when we have questions. He always reponse our email as quick as he can. Good wrap up the exercises we did during the lectures the homework we had to do and the structure of it. Plenty of exercises with solutions and supplementary reading materials including FT are provided and they are of great help to understand and apply what we learn in class to the real business world.

Corporate finance is a good start in order to enrich your understanding about the real life and the work environment as it is an essential element of your knowledge. I like the way how our lectures are built - we cover both theory and practical tasks with case studies, which help to consolidate our knowledge. One of the best professors I have ever had.

Anh teaches at a really great pace and I love doing the problems together in class because that lets me know I understand or tells me what I need to work on. He is very straightforward, very helpful, and very approachable outside of class. He is one of my favourite professors.

Very motivating lecturer, full of energy and engaging. Favourite lecture despite it being 3 hours. 

I believe I can speak for the entire class when I say that we really enjoyed your lectures and the module. You provided us with all the resources available to prepare us not only for the final exam, but also for real-life use. I firmly believe that this class has prepared me for the challenging situations I will face in the future, and the strictness of your teachings have only pushed me to constantly improve my knowledge and application.  

I’m writing you to thank for well-designed and informative module that you’ve taught us this semester. I really appreciate the fact that, you answered everyone’s question till the last minute with very patience and in a short period of time. This gesture and support has not been given to me by any of the tutors till my last year. Instead of taking a break on holiday, you were with us and supported us with every additional material. I just would like to express my gratefulness. It has been a pleasure participating in your classes! 

The professor is extremely organized and supportive. Very interactive although online. Great lecturer and managed to keep our focus throughout the day.